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Eugene Field Elementary leaps into motion with ballet 030107
A Classical Education: Third-graders get to the pointe 030107
By ANDREA EGER Tulsa World Staff Writer
No holds barred, local youngsters leap into learning about ballet -- and trying it out for themselves.
Ballet is now part of the artistic repertoire of Eugene Field Elementary School third-graders, thanks to a new Tulsa Ballet outreach program. Sponsored by the George Kaiser Family Foundation, the "Leaps in Motion" program gives students an understanding of ballet history, as well as two weeks of dance classes taught by instructors from Tulsa Ballet's Center for Dance Education. Third-grader Desiree Kaulaity said she had never seen ballet dancing before her class took a field trip to Tulsa Ballet's headquarters last month and saw junior company members perform in costume. "I like it because I think it's like a special sport," Desiree said. "I like the guys picking up the girls. And I like their music and their dresses."
Wednesday's dance lesson at Eugene Field, 2249 S. Phoenix Ave., did not include guys picking up girls. In fact, the mostly 9-year-old boys and girls are taught in separate rooms for good reason -- to keep teasing and giggles to a minimum. "We find it's better that way," said Stacey Jenkins, director of education and outreach for the center. "Especially with the boys, we try to incorporate a sports element and explain how ballet will help them jump higher in basketball and run faster when they play football so they're more open to the experience."
While Desiree and the other third-grade girls warmed up by practicing first, second and third position and pliés at a barre set up in the gym, the boys moaned and groaned as they stretched their legs and did push-ups and sit-ups in a classroom on the other side of the building. "We're sounding like old men right now," instructor Stacy Christiansen teased the boys. Jamauntae Dennis said he actually enjoyed doing push-ups and sit-ups. "It's so we can jump high and to get our muscles stronger. I also like when we run over her coat and do jumps," he said of Christiansen's make-shift jumping prop. Jamauntae also said he hadn't been able to touch his toes during the first dance lesson Monday, but by Wednesday, it was no problem at all. "I'm glad the girls aren't with us. Because they usually laugh at boys who got ballet," he said. Back in the gym, the girls didn't seem to be missing their male classmates one bit.
Instructor Pam Cameron taught the girls how to chassé across the floor, how to jeté leap over small objects and how to complete half and full spins, all in rapid succession. "But land on your feet, not your head!" she called out as the girls attempted their first full spins. After multiple attempts, Tatyana Pizana tugged at the neckline of her school spirit T-shirt to let air in, and she declared, "I'm hot!" "If you're hot, that means you're working," Cameron said.
The 50-minute period that the ballet instructors are spending with the students each day through March 9 will take the place of the art, music and physical education classes they otherwise would be in at that time.
Music teacher Tammy Long said she is thrilled that her students are getting such a unique learning opportunity -- and she was happily surprised to see nearly every child engaged in it. "Some of them I didn't know would be into it are really concentrating," she said. "And some of the kids with behavior problems seem to be really doing well with this, so it's definitely not what I expected."  As Jenkins, from the Center for Dance Education, watched students Wednesday, she said the program's goal "is not just to give them an introduction to ballet, but self-confidence and discipline and the other things that come along with ballet training."
The program already has been presented at Kendall-Whittier and Celia Clinton elementary schools this year, and Park and Skelly schools will get it next. Students each receive three tickets for Tulsa Ballet performances at the Performing Arts Center. Also, the Center for Dance Education will award full scholarships for a year of ballet training to two students at each of the five elementary schools in the program, Jenkins said.
Andrea Eger 581-8470 andrea.eger@tulsaworld.com


Percefull Re-elected (From Southwest Tulsa Chamber Newsletter, Feb 26, 2007)
On February 13th the citizens that live within TPS district one re-elected Gary Percefull for another 4 years as our School Board member. Southwest Tulsa Chamber of Commerce wishes to congratulate Mr. Percefull. The Chamber has complete confidence in Mr. Perceful. The Chamber knows that Mr. Percefull will continue improving upon our educational assets and work toward excellent classroom atmospheres for our students.



On February 13th Tulsa will hold school board elections. Elections like these are just as important to our community as other elections. In 2006 Tulsans over whelming passed school bonds. This action shows we do care about our children and their education. Each of us should follow school board elections just as closely. On February 1st at 7pm their will be a candidate forum at Daniel Webster High School in the auditorium. Please come and hear candidates Gary Percefull and Brenda Berre' speak on issues concerning our public schools.



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