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Southwest Tulsa Plan
Prepared by the City of Tulsa Planning Department
David Simmons, Planner

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David Simmons has been working with westside organizations and individuals to prepare our westside planning document for the city to use in our development process.  It will be the guide to the future for us.  Part of the plan is a brief historical component. 
David A. Simmons, Planner  III
City of Tulsa Planning Department    175 E.2nd Street.
O.T.C. 5th floor-119A   Tulsa,Oklahoma 74120
 Phone: 918 576-5676

History of Southwest Tulsa
book draft
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Members of the Southwest Tulsa Historical Society have been working for several years on a book about the history of our area.  The book is designed to introduce readers to the general history of the area with resources for further research. 

"West Tulsa, Oklahoma 1939"
book now available!

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Order pre-publication book from author Cecil Gomez
14507 Gomez Drive     Sand Springs, Oklahoma 74063     918-245-8589
www.cecilgomez.com  or   cecilgomez@cox.net

"Berryhill History and Memories"
book now available!
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Order pre-publication book from author Norma Lannon
3533 S 61 W Ave. Tulsa, OK 74107
March 2007

Southwest Tulsa Historical Society
(est July 9, 1992)

Members of the Southwest Tulsa Historical Society

The Oklahoma area known as Southwest Tulsa is located on the south and west banks of the Arkansas River.  Early residents were cattlemen who used the natural shallow crossings at the bend of the river to move their cattle toward the eastern markets.  The Town of Red Fork sprang up in 1883 when the railroad surveyors crossed the river and established a railhead on the west side.  Soon after, in 1902, oil was discovered in Red Fork and the growth continued.  Neighboring communities of West Tulsa, Garden City, Carbondale, Berryhill, Oakhurst, Opportunity Heights and South Haven became established.  The railroad and refineries were primary employers in the early years.

Schools, churches and organizations were always focal points for the people living in the area and continue today to be important community influences.  The "westsiders", as many people refer to themselves, have strong family ties and point to many generations of families still living near each other.  Many individuals and families from the westside have gone on to become major figures in Tulsa and Oklahoma through politics and business ventures.  The westside has also produced some outstanding athletes who have made their mark in amateur and professional sports.  Thank you for visiting our site.  We hope you will take time to look around at what we have to offer.



City Directories and The Westside

 Many people are not familiar with the city directories in our country.  They might be interested in the general description of the directories, and how many years they have been produced in our area.  The jewels, are the street and community name changes, historical changes and a look at the businesses operating in the area.

 Early City Directories Organization

The earliest City of Tulsa directory in the Tulsa City/County Library is from 1909, just two years after statehood.  It was published several years after Tulsa became organized as a city in Indian Territory.  The first city directories didn’t list those living west of the river.  As the years passed, they started picking up additional names of residents and businesses on the west bank of the Arkansas. Residents of West Tulsa and Red Fork were listed as groups at first.  As the years passed, street names and individuals started being published individually. The original names of many streets were changed to reflect the growing city of Tulsa as it kept expanding it’s fenceline further out from the downtown area. 

 Hidden Jewels in the City of Tulsa Directories

1917, West Tulsa Residents

In 1917, West Tulsa has it’s own section of the Tulsa City Directory.  Many of the names may be familiar to you.  We hope that is the case. 

J R Agnew
Sol Arnold
Marion Arp
Elbert Arrington, grocer
Mrs Ollie Atwood
Mrs Annie Astin
I L Davis, barber
Mrs Laura I Babcock
B F Bagley
John Baker
R C Ball, drugs
W C Ballard
C W Barnes
P E Beall
G N Beasley
David Becker
Burt Belson
A B Bergdorf
Edward Bilby
A B Birgdorf
Samuel Eitterman
J I Blaine
A P Bliss
G E Bodine
J F Bohlander
M L Bond
C A Boumister
J F Boyd
F S Bozarth
C C Bradley
John Branham
H G Brothers
E B Bright
E A Brown
Henry Brown
H A Brown
W H Brown, grocer
H H Bryant
W A Bryant
Clyde Buck
Craig Buell ©
G W Butler
R G Collins
Mrs Agnes Campbell
Clarence Campbell
G F Campbell
J M Campbell
M L Copenhaver
W A Copenhaver, grocer
D M Cannan
Charles Carter
E J Clark
J E Clark
J L Clark
Lige Clark
R H Clark
R L Coleman, grocer
Constantin Refining Co
Edward Cook
Ralph Cook
S L Cook
G W Corby
M C Corby
Samuel Corby
Robert Coyll
W E Crawford
John Crews
Albert Crow
John Crow
W C Crussell
E T Cue Feed Yd
J S Cue
E B Cunningham
W L Cuningham
Pink Curtis
H G Dahlem
George Dartois
E F Davis
J L Davis
Fred Day
L R Day
Dorpha Delph
G H Delph
John Delph
Jesse Demory
Wm Desso
D P Dodd
F M Donovan
O T Darley
Charles East
J M Edge
C F Edwards
H T Edwards
Mrs Martha E Elliott, poultry
W L Elliott
M L Ellis
Sam Ennis
J F Eyman
L S Feasel
J H Fleischer
Fred Feterly
J O Flanagan, restaurant
John Fleicher
J M Fletcher
Frank Foresman
Frank Fowler
C H Fox
Alexander Frazier
R E Freeman
Frisco Hotel
Thomas Frisenberry
F A Fuller
F A Fuller, real estate
J W Gallagher
Mrs Nettie Gandy
W M Garbey
E E Garrett
Clifford Garris
J W Garris
R A Garrison
O B Gasperson
Earl Gatrell
W H Gordon
A W Guffey
J W Hanks
C W Hanson
T L Hardesty
W E Harris
John Harrison
Mrs Laura Haruff
J A Hart
Thomas Hortisty
O J Harvey
A D Hastings
J W Hawkins
H H Haworth, grocer
Wm Hayes
G L Haynes
M A Hazlett
S B Heath
Donald Hendricks
W S Hendricks
Mariel Henson
S B Hickman
J E Higdon
W T Hinch
W H Hinkle
J L Hoffman
M R Houghton
C C Houser
John Houser
Mrs Lizza Hubbard
R Q Huddleston
Stephen Huff
B E Huffman
Daw Hughes
J N Hughes
Otis Hughes
W E Hughes
James Idol
Roy Ingles
J M Ingram
Samuel Innis
Adolph Jack
N F Jack
E P Jenkins
George Jennings
D R Johnson
Harley Jones
A T Judy
R J Justus
O O Karn
Charles Karns
I M King
T M King
Homer Kirby
Demoin Kirk
John Kneidl
S N Knight
Frank Kumke
Andy Lofton
D E Lofton
W M Lamb
J C Lambert
W G Lambert
W T Langwell
A L Lanning, restaurant
C F Lannon
S N Laughlin
Lee Ledford
W E Ledford
R W Lentz
P G Leonard
J D Letterman
G C Lindsay
G E Linton
F P List
Theodore List
Wm Lutts
W W Lynn
J S McClure
Phillip McCully
John McDonald
J F McGinn
J M McGlasson
H O McLaughlin
J C McLaughlin
J Y McMurtrey
John Mc Wicker
H F Mackler
J A Mangan, real est.
W A Markel
Napoleon Martin
Lucian Masters
Nick Masters restaurant
John Matthews ( c )
W P Mayo
Jacob Mazenam
George Meador
I R Merrill, blacksmith
H L Miller
Mack Miller
Sidney Miller
R H Milligan
Mitchell Hotel
J M Mitchell
F A Money
Taylor Montgomery
A R Morrison
Mrs Sarah B Muir
John Mullin
Peter Mulrean
Harry Neal
J C Nennery
James Newton
L L Newton
E C Nichalson
E A Norton
James Norton
R C Nunnery
H O O’Brine
G L Osborn
R L Osborn
Palace Hotel
Pan-American Refining Co
J G Parker
John Parrott
Mrs Susan H Pease
George Peterson
Henry Peterson
Arthur Phillips
Edward Pool
Loyd Pryar
T M Quisenberry
I M Raibourn
G B Rainey
J C Rainey
A D Parker
P B Rawson
Floyd Reber
G C Reeder
C A Reinhart
A C Revels
Chambers Rice
A C Richards
D E Ridenhour
J J Ridenour
R P Ridley
C I Riggs
J S Rist
Riverside Hotel
Mrs Alice Roberts
L E Roberts
J F Robertson
R S Robinson
Lee Rogers
Sigmund Rothhammer
H W Rutledge
J C Pyle
R H Ryon
Edward Sanders
W B Sanders
Sanders and Sons, blacksmiths
L D Scribner
R W Sears
H C Sey
D B Shannon
John Sharp
Claud Shaw
Philip Shreck, dry goods
W W Simpson
M F Slaymon
A T Smith
C F Smith
C H Smith
Jack Smith
O R Smith
W C Smith
G A Selander, billiards
R H Spencer
A L Stanley
Earl Stanley
H L Stanley
Mrs Emma Stapp
F P Starks
C d Stevenson
F A Stitt
T J Storm
G T Tam
Mrs Louise Tam
James Tate
Willard TaylorB F Teales
B C Thomas
J G Thomas, restaurant
M B Thompson
W C Tilford
A C Tipsword
F J Tipsword
Wm Tipsword
T J Tipton
H J Toups
Tulsa Boiler & Machinery Co
Uncle Sam Oil Company
Samuel Vittum, grocery
E A Whalene
J H Warren
W S Warrington
C H Watson
Mrs Fannie Watson
Watts & Jones, barbers
M E Webb
E A Wenk
West Tulsa Baptist Church
West Tulsa Hotel
Mrs Florence White
F L White
L L White
O L Whites
S H Wilkerson
W W Williams
E C Wilson
Jack Wilson
E A Wine
C W Wood
P C Wood
T E Woodard
Henry Yochum
W J Young


The 1919 city directory continues to list West Tulsa residents and businesses in one section, while others in the book are listed by address. 

 1921 Directory lists street changes

In 1921 the city directory started breaking West Tulsa businesses and residents out by streets.  The streets, however, were not something that we see in 2002.  Streets showing up in the directory for West Tulsa were; A, B, Bland, Brown Ave., Center Ave., Chesley, Clinton, First, Francis Ave, Frisco, Georgia, Hopkins, Jones, Lee, Moran, Nineteen, Oklahoma Olympia, Phoenix Avenue, Quanah Avenue, Second, Seventeenth, Sixteenth, Third, Twenty-Fifth, Twenty-first, Twenty-third and Virginia.   

1923 Directory includes Carbondale, Frisco Y and Garden City. 

The 1923 city directory included the residents of Carbondale Addition
as H R Brox and L E Hicks. 

 The 1923 directory also included the residents of the Frisco Y as; Henry Bailey, T L Clark, E S Cook, Montis Crenshaw, Thomas Davie, Albert Davis, James Evan, Irvin Hallman, James Harris, W D Horce, Mattie Login, Benjamin Nealy, Jesse Obregon, W M Strickland, C P Warmley and Walter Williams.

 In 1923 Garden City residents were documented for the first time.  Residents are listed below.
Fred Bachtenkirkin
A H Beard
M R Beaty
Frank Biby
L R Blankenship
R A Blythe
E E Brennerman
Benjamin Bryan
Benjamin Carver
J M Cluck
M s Chilston
F D Chilton
F W Chilton
W R Cox
C E Deek
L A Vuvall (may be Lovall
J F Grigsby
J W Hayes
Ray Hays
W W Hendrix
Fred Jones
G W Jones
C E Lannon
F W Latimer
Lora Lewis
H H Lisenby
Jake Lynch
W McLaughlin
Mark Twain School
W W Miller
C W Peevey
R E Purdy
F E Porche
Wm Radford
Clara Rhodes
J F Rickerson
F O Rushing
F P Starks
J C Smith
H R Snow
M B Snow
W J Turner
J Wilson
W I Wilson
J E Wincheser
May Yearout


1925 Directory has street changes and adds Red Fork

In 1925, the westsiders began to be included in the regular format of the city directory.  Street names began to change, and the changes were noted.  (There are a few apparent discrepancies where streets were named the same.  No explanation for it at the time of compiling this information).

A Avenue changed to 21st Place

C Avenue changed to 23rd Place

Capital changed to 17th Place

Center changed to West 21st Street

Chelsey changed to West 23rd Street

Clinton changed to West 22nd Street

Day changed to West 24th Place

Davision changed to South Quanah Ave.

Factory changed to West 16th Street

First changed to South Olympia Ave.

Floydell Station was noted on OU Rwy, 3 miles SW of city limits.

Francis changed to West 18th Street

Frisco changed to West 16 Place

Georgia changed to West 18th Street

Gusher changed to Union Avenue

Jones changed to West 19th Street

Lee changed to West 20th Street

Louisiana changed to West 21st Street

Marion changed to South Phoenix Avenue

Martin changed to Santa Fe Avenue

Martin Avenue changed to West 24th St.

Mitchell changed to West 17th Street

Monroe changed to West 21st Place

Naharry Place changed to West 16th Pl.

Orchard Lane changed to West 17th Pl.

Orcutt changed to 16th Street

Rice changed to Tacoma Avenue

Second changed to South Nogales Ave.

Shirley Avenue changed to Tacoma Ave.

Virgin Avenue changed to West 20th St.

Wayne Avenue changed to Waco Ave.


In the Frisco Y, in 1925 were the following people;
J R Ambrosio
O H Brooks
Frank Brown
Antonio Chaves
Ernesto Estrada
Patrick Lamb
M E Matlock
B R Neely
W R Neely
Wm Strickland
Jno Nabaro
C M Waits
M H WattsMrs Mattie Whitlow


Garden City Station listed a few people in 1925 including;
Vilas Bachtenkircher, Mrs Susie G Billings and Benjamin Dutcher.


Red Fork residents and businesses were listed for the first time in the 1925 city directory.  It was described as a village on the O U and Frisco railways, four miles SW of city limits.  There had been an ongoing bragging rights campaign between Tulsa and Red Fork for several years.  The description of Red Fork as a “village” was rather interesting.

Lee Adkins
S V Adams
T A Aggas
C E Allen
E D Allen
S A Allen
A M Anthamatten
E O Arrington
F P Arrington
J W Arrington
A C Askew
R D Atkins
J W Babb
Roley Black
J M Bairrington
Bank of Red Fork
F E Barger
P D Barr
G R Bartell
C E Bassett
R L Bell
A R Beller
H V Bennett
Fred Berwald
E V Bewley
Frank Bixby
T J Beckell
J H Billingsley
B C Bishop
B A Blackburn
M A Blackburn
P B Blackwood
J I Blaine
C J Bland
O A Bland
C W Blocker
F T Bogar
L M Bolton
E J Bonacker
O P Bond, lunch
W D Boone
Walter Bowden
Wm Bowden
Mrs Ann Bowers
T L Brewer
J W Broad
O C Brooks, grocer
B J Brown
Crayton Brown
F O Brown
H A Brown
J H Bruce
R H Brox
F E Burgess
L S Burk
I E Burton
Edw Burris
M G Burt
O E Bush
W T Byrd
E A Caldwell
I E Caldwell
C F Calley
W S Campbell
W F Cannon
Carbondale School
B L Cardwell
T L Carr
J D Carter
C D Casler
G T Castle
Chas Cathcart
E J Cathcart
C L Chandler
E O Childers
W H Childers
J S Chilton
L M Churchman
City Hall
D H Clark
J N Clark
Clinton School
F N Clute
H E Clute
A R Coats
F G Cohea
S L Colburn
D P collins
Mack Cookson
H R Cooper
S P Cordray
Manuel Coronado
Irwin Correll
F C Cox
S E Cox
J H Crabb
M N Crabtree
E L Crafton
J T Craighead
W G Crawford
A H Cribbs
S F Cromartie
Chas Cron
N C Crouch
O D Crouch
C H Crow
Paul Crowder
Sistos Cruz
Harold Daily
T F Daniels
W H Darr
D H Davidson
W G Davidson
J D Davis
Chas Decker
W A Dees
B J Dement
L A Demory
Demory & Bogar, grocers
H D Derrick
R W DeShane
H A Devine
J R Devine
Dickason-Goodman Lumber Co
R H Dickerson
W G Dinkens
C C Dolan
Wm Earlie
Orville Echelberger
Electric Park
O S Elkins
Ernest Ellis
J M Ennis
J N Ennis
Ernest Enyert
H F Evans
J E Evans
C O Fagg
W S Fasholtz
W W Ferguson
F T Feterly
O V Field
O V Field Candy Co
J R Figart
Chas Fillingame
R K Fisher
W F Fleming
J M Fletcher
H J Foorman
S O Ford
G W Forester
L M Forney
W H Foster
E L Fowler
H H Frencken
J M Friedman
C C Garbey
R E Baretson
E D Geer
J M Gill
F L Goddard
Bennett Graff, physician
H F Graves
J C Graves
A J Green
J N Green, grocer
J T Green
L E Gregory
R W Grubb
Boyd Grubbs
J E Guthary
Anastacio Gutierez
J H Haddock
A J Hall
Guy Hall
J B Hall
J J Hall
J O Hall
J W Hall
Jas Hall
Velentine Hall
Mrs Anna A Hallet
C A Hamilton
L B Hancock
B J Handlon
C M Haney
T M Hapton
Samuel Hardesty
Wylie Harper
G W Harris
B B Harrison
J D Harrison
Mrs Beulah L Hart
J M Hart
R L Hart
R E Harton
F F Harvey
O J Harvey
W S Haverfield
K D Haynie
L B Haynie
Mays Haynie
J O Heinritz
Clyde Henderson
D E Hendrick
J P Hendrick
Guiford Hendricks
J W Henings
J R Henry
Mrs Lou R Henry
R S Hickox
R F Hicks
H H Higdon
S A Higdon
C R Hillhouse
G P Hill
Israel Hill
T W Hill
Albert Holland
Frank Holland
W T Holland
B L Hollingsworth
J C Hollis
J O Hollis
J F Holt
Frank Horton, contr
W E House
J S Howell
Jno Howes
W E Howes
J J Hughes
G A Hunt
W M Huntsman
W E Hutchings
J J Ireland, lunch
R L Irwin
Chas Jacobs, blacksmith
Mrs Frances E Jacobs
M D Johnson
H T Jones
Harold Justice
F E Keatley
J W Kellogg
Mrs Annie L Kendel drugs
Geo Kennedy
V L Kennon
B F Kent, restaurant
A L Kerbow
Elbert King
I J King
J C King
Samuel King
T B Knapp, filling station
A J Lair
O C Lampp
T B Landret
C R Lane
J A Lane
R H Lane
A J LaRue
Herman Lauen
Mrs Harriet M Lawhorn
Fred Lawrence
J F Lawrence
W M Layman
Fred Layton
E P List
Lee Ledford
C A Lee
J M Lee
Mrs Joseph Lee
A B LeGrande
J E Lewis
H M Lilly
Ugnacio Lopez
G W Loving
Freeman Lovings
G F Lovings
T J Lumpkin
R H Lunsford
H T McAlister
C A McClure
A L McCombs
W O McDaniel
A L McDonald
Eugene McDonald
I B McFarland
J A McMurtrey
Elmer McNeeley
W L McReynolds
J H McVicker
C C McWaters
W P Mahoney
Brooks Manners
T E Martell
A G Martin
Mrs Ora A Martin
T S Martin, auctioneer
Wm Martin
H J Mathews
E E May
Clyde Mays
E C Mays
F B Mays
H A Mays
H C Mays
N E Mays
R H Mays
Wesley Mays
Mrs Pauline Merritt
Henry Miller
J H Miller
T E Miller
W C Miller
C L Milligan
J H Mitchell
O T Mitchell
M H Moore
Omar Morgan
J W Morrison, billiards
Beecher Moss
Mrs Mollie E Mullin
R H Mullins
Mrs Neaty Norton
D L Nicholson
Robert Nole
Dewey Norsworthy
B F Norton
Frank Noyes
E H Nunnery
P J O’Brien
Rev J W Oden
Okla Eastern Oil Co Whse
Oklahoma Union Railway Station
T R Palmer
C H Parker Jr
J L Parks
J M Parrott
A B Patrick
A F Patterson
H B Patterson, garage
Daniel Payne
Nabor Perez
J R Perske
W E Peteet
J S Peters
J L Phillips
Mrs Leon M Pidd
J W Pilgrim
N R Pinney, grocer
M M Pitts
Post Office (Red Fork)
E E Patter
R N Potts, barber
F R Pope
B B Prater
J R Pringle
Edw Proctor
H W Purcell
J W Qualls
H M Raifsnyder
R A Rains
H M Randall, restaurant
Gee Raper
Red Fork High School
Red Fork Tel Exch
V H Reedy
Nelson Reheard
H D Renfro
D A Reynolds
D W Rice
T S Rice
J H Richardson
R A Richardson
W P Richardson
A M Rishel
J S Rist, shoe repr
Mrs Eva Roberson
C M Roberts
Frank Robinson
Isaac Robinson
J J Robinson, grocer
Cabrino Rocha
Geo Rose
J D Rose
Jefferson Rose
Jerry rose
R R Rose
Roger Rose
C A Rothammer
W C Rudd
C M Russell
Frank Russell
J A Ryan
Jno Sage
S E Sage
Edw Sanders
Murgin Santiago
C J Sawyer
Rev Jas Scarborough
F F Scherffins
Edw Schlicht
T F Schumacher
G E Scott
Jas Scribner
L D Scribner
P V Sercy
A P Selsor
Selsor’s Garage
H P Settlemoir
J M Shaddox
Chas Sheddrick
Jos Sheddrick
Mathew Sheeley
H D Sheffield
Kenneth Shepherd
C L Sherrill
Mrs Ethel M Short
A G Sigler
Claude Sigler
F L Sikes
Mrs Mary Singleton
J L Skaggs, barber
H O Slavens
B B Smith
C E Smith
F A Smith
G B Smith
G W Smith
J W Smith
Jos Smith
N B Smith
Roy Smith
W H Smith
Weaver Smith
A E Snodgrass
B O Sowash
F G Stanford
A L Steeples
D L Steinberg
C J Steward
Clave Stewart
B F Stone
M E Stroup, garage
C A Sullivan
J L Sullivan
H C Sunderman
J C Taber
J A Tait
J O Tait
G E Tenney
Murry Thames
R M Thalman
C D Thomas
C L Thomas
Le Roy Thomas
Peter Thomas
S H Thompson dry goods
Thompson & Black, grocers
Mrs Bell Thrasher
Ray Thrasher
Ples Todd
C C Trail
Jno Trail
H C Trantham
A G True
G S Tucker
C W Turner
E E Turner
J H Vance
G L Vanwhy
F M Vaughn
Vernon Verete
M F Vernon
Mrs Elizabeth Vore
A J Vowels
Whitter Vrett
E E Wadley
G G Wadley
G E Walker
S J Walker
W H Walker
J W Wallace
H H Ward
J R Warren
J G Watt
B F Wayland, real est
J l Weese
F W Weldhaber
C C Wells
Otis West
H E Wheeler
J S Whitaker
G W White
C E Whiteman
C E Whiteman, drugs
C J Wilkinson
J H Wilkinson
G H Williams
H C Williams
W H Williams
J A Williamson
W H Williamson
J A Wilson
C A Winn
R G Winsworth
W C Winsworth
R W Wolfe, grocer
Mrs Addie Wood
J B Wood
A A Woods
B H Woolsey
W M Woolsey
Roy Wortham
C M Wright, grocer
H Wright
Mrs Lillie M Wright
O L Yarbrough
Mrs Susie Yargee
G W Zink, physician





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