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Southwest Tulsa Refinery


Holly Tulsa Refinery             Holly - Click to return to homepage
From Holly website, May 16, 2010
1700 S Union Ave
902 W 25th St

Tulsa, OK 74107

On June 1, 2009 Holly Corporation acquired the 85,000 bpd Tulsa Refinery and 3.2 million barrels of storage and related logistics assets (on-site truck and rail loading facilities) from Sunoco for $65 million. Holly later sold in October 2009 associated logistics assets to Holly Energy Partners and Plains All American Pipeline for a combined amount of $57.5 million. In December 2009 Holly acquired the 75,000 bpd Sinclair Tulsa refinery for $128.5 million with plans on integrating the two Tulsa refineries. The combined facility is planned to be operated at a capacity of 125,000 bpd. These two refineries are located approximately 2 miles apart and will be connected via pipeline. This refinery complex sits in the Midwest region (PADD II), approximately 45 miles from the supply and storage hub at Cushing, Oklahoma, in a region that is well served by crude pipelines that deliver crude oil from Canada, U.S. onshore and the Gulf Coast. This provides the Refinery the flexibility to optimize its crude slate and maintain lower crude inventories than a typical refinery.

This refinery complex produces a combination of high value lubricants and specialty products in addition to distillates (diesel and jet fuel) and gasoline fuels. Refined distillates and gasolines are primarily delivered from the refinery to market by two pipelines owned or operated by Magellan Pipelines. The Magellan pipeline terminal is located across from the refinery and these Magellan pipelines connect the refinery to distribution channels throughout Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota and Wisconsin. Additionally, on-site rail and truck rack capability facilitates access to local refined product markets.

The Tulsa Refinery primarily processes sweet crude oils into high value light products such as gasoline, diesel fuel, jet fuel and lubricants, however has the capability to process sour crude oils when economics dictate. For 2009, gasoline, diesel fuel, jet fuel and lubricants (excluding volumes purchased for resale) represented 26%, 29%, 10% and 16%, respectively, of the Tulsa Refinery's sales volumes.

The Tulsa Refinery west facility is located on a 750-acre site in Tulsa, Oklahoma situated along the Arkansas River. The principal process units at the Tulsa Refinery west facility consist of crude distillation (with light ends recovery), naphtha hydrodesulfurization, catalytic reforming, propane de-asphalting, lube extraction unit, MEK dewaxing, delayed coker and butane splitter units. The refinery's supporting infrastructure includes approximately 3.2 million barrels of feedstock and product tankage, of which 0.4 million barrels of tankage is owned by Plains, and an additional 1.2 million barrels of tank capacity that are currently out of service and could be made available for future use.

The Tulsa Refinery east facility is located on a 466-acre site also in Tulsa, Oklahoma situated along the Arkansas River. The principal process units at the Tulsa Refinery east facility consist of crude distillation, naphtha hydrodesulfurization, FCC, isomerization, catalytic reforming, alkylation, scanfiner, diesel hydrodesulfurization and sulfur units. Additions and improvements to the facility since late 2004 include a scanfining unit to meet 2006 gasoline sulfur content requirements, a new naphtha hydro desulphurizer unit in 2005, a new sulfur plant, modifications to the distillate hydro desulphurizer unit, a new tail gas unit installed on the new sulfur plant and the conversion of the reformer from a 17,000 BPD semi-regenerative reformer to a 22,000 BPD continuous catalyst regeneration reformer (thereby increasing its capacity, octane capability and yield of gasoline). The refinery's supporting infrastructure includes approximately 3.75 million barrels of tankage capacity on the refinery's premises, approximately 1.4 million barrels of which is owned by HEP.

We are integrating the Tulsa Refinery west and east facilities that will result in a single, highly complex refinery having an integrated crude processing rate of approximately 125,000 BPSD, primarily by sending intermediate streams from one facility to the other for further processing. Pursuant to this plan, high sulfur diesel and various gas oil streams will be sent from the Tulsa Refinery west facility to be processed in the diesel hydrotreater and FCC units, respectively, at the Tulsa Refinery east facility. Various heavy oil streams will be sent from the Tulsa Refinery east facility to be processed in our coker unit at our Tulsa Refinery west facility. Various other streams such as naphtha, hydrogen and fuel gas will be shared between the two refinery facilities.


1700 S Union Ave
Tulsa, OK 74107
902 W 25th St
Tulsa, OK 74107
Former Mid-Continent Refinery Former Texaco Refinery
Former Cosden Refinery  





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